Preparing & Sending Files

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Include all Support Files

We can process electronic files from Macintosh and Windows platforms. In addition to sending us your electronic file, we recommend you always include the following to reduce printing obstacles:

  1. A list of all screen and printer fonts used in the job. Fonts are often the cause of output problems.
  2. A copy of every image file linked to or supporting the job.
  3. A hard copy sample proof of your file is helpful for layout and pagination issues when using a source file.
  4. List of special instructions.

Acceptable File Types and Formats

We can process electronic files from both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

We are able to output image files such as TIFF, EPS, ADOBE ACROBAT PDF, as well as many source file formats. Our preferred format is either a postscript file or PDF file with fonts embedded and compressions off. Contact Revolution Publishing at 503-233-2966 or sales@revpub.com for a complete list of acceptable formats and software.

Colors and Images

Pantone Colors
Be consistent when building Pantone colors within your document. Although Pantone 200 CVU (uncoated) and Pantone CVC (coated) look similar on your monitor, these will separate to different plates.

Document Color Mode
Be consistent and build colors using CYMK color modes. Do not mix RGB and CMYK. We cannot guarantee color output from RGB.

Original and Electronic Photographs
Whenever possible, send or import clear color or black-and-white photos with your documents. If you submit a photo electronically, we recommend that you save it as a TIF or EPS document.

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*Please Note: Revolution Publishing and Col-Tab, Inc. will not assume responsibility for any typos or design flaws in a customer supplied electronic file or camera-ready artwork.

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