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Calendar Printing and Tinning in Portland

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Calendar Tinning is a metal slide with a single eyelet at the top of a sheet and in some cases a single slide is at the bottom of the sheet to hold the calendar and or poster close to the wall.

All tins are custom ordered so when you are planning to tin your calendar or poster, allow up to five weeks for tin manufacturing.  This is very important especially when the busiest time of the year is September thru January.

  • Tinning can be done with a single sheet or up to 14 sheets of text weight.
  • We cannot tin a multi-sheet calendar that is on a cover weight stock.
  • Make sure to allow 3/8” tin wrap top and bottom of the calendar sheets as to not interfere with any image or wording.
  • Our capabilities to tin sizes range from 8” up to 30”.
  • Standard colors:  Black, Gray and Gold
  • Premium colors:  Red, White, Blue and Brown


  • Plastic spiral coil bind
  • Wire-O® Bind with notch Wire hanger
  • Saddle Stitch Binding
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